Typically, most of my clients are looking to improve in mastering their sales process, whether it be on the phone, or meeting with decision makers.

I tend to build my courses based on an individuals needs and requirements.

Below are some main areas I focus on.


LinkedIn 101

Great content on LinkedIn is king! My LinkedIn 101 course is a complete guide to boosting YOUR success on LinkedIn. From personal branding to engaging content, I will take you on your journey. Please see my LinkedIn 101 page for more information....

Personal Brand Makeover

Does your LinkedIn profile show you in the best light? From buzz words, engaging posts through to the psychology of your branding. I will work with you, and your personal branding to ensure that your LinkedIn profile stands out from the crowd, and show you how to create thought provoking introductions to grab your audience from the moment they click!

LinkedIn Hero.jpg

10 Steps To Becoming A

LinkedIn Hero


For beginners! I've been helping clients with their LinkedIn strategies since 2010. I've put together 10 steps that will help ensure a powerful start for you.

Win Business With Online Meetings and Video Emails

Are you harnessing the power of video to win business? Pick up your phone and instantly create engaging video. From video emails all the way through to online meetings, I will provide you with insight in to the best tools to use, how to create the perfect 60 second video email and much more. Be part of the new video engagement success story in 2020!

Sales Meetings

So you've mastered the telephone call, closed up front, and you're now visiting the RIGHT contacts, who HAVE a pain that you can fix, who WANT to spend money on fixing this pain. Forget your old, out of date sales training manuals. This is where you call the shots, close up front, control the meeting, and most of all.... make money!! 

Telephone Prospecting

Forget everything you've been taught about telephone prospecting! Forget being nice to the gatekeeper, control the call within the first few seconds, gain trust with your contact immediately, and understand exactly how to handle a first class, professional cold call, without sounding like a frightened sales person!