LinkedIn 101

Created in 2018, LinkedIn101 is a course, e-book and downloadable video that is the result of my research and practical application over many years. What I offer is different to most 'LinkedIn trainers'.


My vision was to create an easy to follow and simple to implement strategy that can be put in to practice immediately. 


LinkedIn101 has been created for you to :

  • Build your personal brand within your profile

  • Understand the power and psychology of the banner, photo, headline and job title

  • Create a powerful, engaging 'about section'

  • Learn new ways to highlight feedback on your front page

  • Search and find future clients / boolean searches

  • Learn powerful connection / messaging techniques

  • Learn the power of LinkedIn groups

  • Understand tips and secrets that advanced users benefit from

  • Create ways to engage with your audience

  • Create content / do's and dont's

  • Engage with other peoples content

  • Understand powerful tools such as CANVA

If you want your LinkedIn profile to be more effective, gain new followers, bring in leads and show results, then this is for you!