About Mike Roberts


There's no 1 trick solution in sales, but in today's world, you need to be a pro when it comes to technology, personal branding, sales psychology, online meetings and mastering the LinkedIn, sales meetings and prospecting.

I am an award winning successful sales and marketing coach, based across Leeds and Harrogate and I have been instrumental in helping motivated sales people and business owners to excel in a highly competitive world. I do this using a mixture of sales psychology, LinkedIn tips, tricks and tools including video strategies and much more.


I believe that there has NEVER been a better time to be in sales. Your decision makers are now more accessible than ever, your products or services can be shown in real time to ANYONE wherever they are in the world, INSTANTLY.


We carry the world in our pocket. If you aren't utilising LinkedIn right NOW, and putting your personal brand out there for your future clients to see, then you are SERIOUSLY missing out on what is most likely to be the biggest OPPORTUNITY that our generation has seen! 

From start ups, to Fortune 250's, Mike has weaved his magic to make their sales teams ultra effective! 

BUT remember, I'm NOT a full time LinkedIn trainer, or sales coach.


I lead the digital marketing and sales for a software sales team at Frama, an incredible European wide company that help businesses with their email encryption requirements and electronic signature needs with FRAMA RMail... And I've built my success SOLELY on LinkedIn, and using the power of personal branding and video!

'Working with a good coach is a mark of ambition and success – not an admittance of weakness!'